Refill & save, without the subscriptions

Introducing our new refill and save incentive, where we encourage customers to shop refills in bulk every 3 to 6 months.

Shipping less frequently saves cost and cuts emissions, and we pass the savings onto you with an automatic discount.

Refills Spend Automatic Discount *

* Discount automatically applies when the value of refills in-cart reaches the spend above. Discount applies to refills only. It’s that simple!

Why is this the smarter way to shop?

You save with our tiered discounts (thanks captain obvious)
We reduce emissions together by shipping less frequently
You experience the magic of replenishing your Tirtyl tin collection
No subscriptions or lock-ins, ever.

Too lazy to do the maths?

Our market-leading products are already priced competitively to supermarket brands. These tiered discounts are cherries on top!

Price From * Hand Wash Body Wash Universal Cleaner Laundry Sheets Dishwasher Tablets Tirtyl Towels
Per Unit
250ml bottle
500ml bottle
500ml bottle
1 sheet / load
1 tablet
1 towel
Default Price
2.5 to 3.0
5.44 to 6
4 to 4.5
0.36 to 0.4
0.4 to 0.48
2.83 to 4
10% Off
25% Off
40% Off

* Refills come in various pack sizes which also impacts price, hence the default price is displayed as a range. For example, our hand soaps come in 12 packs ($2.5 each), or 8 packs ($3 each) and tiered discounts can apply to both. The discount tier pricing shown highlights the best price. Easy as!

How much should I order?

Our refill and save program is inclusively designed to be accessible for all household sizes, from singles to the brady bunch!

Most customers purchase refills every for 3 to 6 months. Scroll below for a guideline on what this looks like across our range.

Recommended quantity for 3 months usage

This guideline is based on actual customer feedback. Our products last the same as any of the supermarket brands, so if in doubt, go with your gut!

Household Size (3 months usage) Hand Wash Body Wash Universal Cleaner * Laundry Sheets Dishwasher Tablets
1 person
3 tabs
3 tabs
3 tabs
45 sheets
40 tabs
2 people
4 tabs
6 tabs
4 tabs
55 sheets
55 tabs
3 people
6 tabs
6 tabs
7 tabs
90 sheets
90 tabs
4 people
9 tabs
9 tabs
8 tabs
100 sheets
90 tabs
5 people
9 tabs
9 tabs
9 tabs
120 sheets
90 tabs

* If using the Universal Cleaner as a floor cleaner too.

What about shipping?

We proudly offer one of the most consumer-friendly shipping terms for any online store in Australia.

Free shipping on all refills-only orders, with no minimums
Free shipping on any order over $45
Flat-rate of $6 shipping for all other orders
Shipping is 100% carbon-neutral in partnership with GreenFleet Australia