Join us in unwasting the planet through products, profits and people.

5 million bottles of ocean-bound plastic in 2022

Doubling down on plastic waste

When we started Tirtyl our vision was simple. Prove that businesses can “do the right thing” and also be successful.

That’s why with every product sold, we collect ocean-bound plastic by passing proceeds from your purchases to Plastic Bank. These proceeds are paid to locals in developing communities as wages to collect ocean-bound plastic, most often on beaches and rivers.

Thanks to your support we doubled our original plastic collection goal in 2021 and collected over 1 MILLION bottles of ocean-bound plastic.

By the end of 2022, we want to increase that number to 5 MILLION. We have no doubt we can do it with your help.

Tirtyl Co-Founder Lachlan introducing our plastic-negative initiative at Plastic Bank in Denpasar, Indonesia (March 2022)

Going truly "plastic-negative"

A bottle collected, and prevented with every tablet sold

For every tab and sheet sold, we collect a bottle of ocean-bound plastic. Small product, huge impact!

In fact, we’ve collected 49 times the amount of plastic produced across our entire supply chain, making us one of the leading “plastic-negative” businesses globally.

We're cleaning up the oceans with your help

Since launching in January 2021, we have collected the equivalent of


bottles of plastic waste

Last updated 30 October 2022

This is achieved through our partnership with Plastic Bank, the world’s leading plastic clean-up organisation with collection infrastructure in developing communities world-wide. Contributions are used to pay wages to locals in Indonesia, Brazil and Haiti who harvest ocean-bound plastic waste, mostly from rivers and polluted zones in close proximity to the ocean. Much of the plastic is processed and up-cycled into the private sector as new consumer goods.

It’s a real win-win. We’re creating a cleaner planet, whilst supporting communities in need!